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5 reasons why Wood-Burning Fire Pits are Better than Gas

big pit fireFire pits require some type of fuel to burn, with the most common sources being wood or gas (natural gas or liquid propane). Gas-burning fire pits are certainly useful, but wood-burning fire pits are typically the preferred choice among homeowners. Here’s why.

#1) Better for Cooking

Ask any backyard chef and he or she will agree: wood-burning fires are better for cooking than gas. They produce a smokey, charcoal flavor that’s perfect for hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, pork, vegetables and more. Gas fire pits, on the other hand, release fumes that can leave food with a chemical-like flavor.

#2) Firewood is Cheap

When compared to gas-burning fire pits, you can expect to pay less to operate a wood-burning fire pit. Firewood is cheap and readily available, with many homeowners and business owners giving it away for free. You can even venture into your backyard if you need extra firewood. Natural gas and liquid propane, on the other hand, can quickly burn a hole in your wallet, especially if you build fires on a weekly basis.

#3) Relaxing Ambiance

While all fires produce a pleasing ambiance, wood-burning fires are particularly relaxing and enjoyable. They produce a unique flame along with a distinct crackling sound that’s simply not available in gas-burning fire pits. These subtle characteristics create the ultimate environment in which individuals can gather for a fun social activity.

#4) Safer than Gas

Wood-burning fire pits are inherently safer than their gas-burning counterpart. Each year, thousands of people are injured due to exploding gas grills and fire pits. If the tank leaks, for instance, gas may build up inside the unit, causing an explosion once ignited. This isn’t a problem with wood-burning fire pits, however. You can safely ignite wood without fear of it sparking an explosion.

#5) Produces More Heat

When the sun goes down and the temperatures begin to drop, you want a fire pit that’s going to keep you and your guests warm. Both gas and wood-burning fire pits will produce some warmth, although the latter is far more effective. And if you choose one of the steel wood-burning fire pits sold here at S&S Fire Pits, you’ll reap the benefits of even greater heat production thanks to their reflective steel construction that literally radiates heat.

These are just a few of the many reasons why wood-burning fire pits are better than gas.

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