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5 Tips on Taking a Fire Pit Camping

IMG_8098Thinking about taking your fire pit camping? We have some tips to help you get the most use from it.

#1) Bring a Grate for Cooking

Assuming you plan to use your fire pit for cooking (which most campers do), it’s recommended that you bring a grill grate. Granted, you can cook over an open fire without a grate, but using one makes the process ten times easier. A basic metal grate turns your fire pit into a grill, allowing you to cook delicious foods more quickly and evenly.

#2) Consider the Size of Your Fire Pit

Fire pits are available in a wide range of sizes. For camping, though, it’s best to stick with a smaller and more portable fire pit. Large fire pits are typically too bulky and heavy to carry long distances, making them a poor choice for camping. This is particularly true when speaking about stone fire pits, which should not be used for camping.

#3) Bring a Tabletop

As most seasoned campers already know, a tabletop surface is a rare commodity in the wilderness. Unless you bring a foldout table, you’ll probably have to eat from your lap. However, you can bring a smaller and more portable fire pit tabletop for increased convenience. Once the fire is out and it has cooled off, you can place the tabletop over the fire pit. Not only is the perfect surface for eating, but you can also use it to play cards, read a book, write, etc.

#4) Don’t Forget the Matches (or Lighter)

Unless you plan on rubbing two sticks together, make sure you pack matches or a lighter. There’s nothing more frustrating than making your way to your campsite, only to discover that you forgot the matches. Double-check your gear before leaving, ensuring you have some tool to easily light your fire pit.

#5) Wait for it to Cool Off Before Loading

Last but not least, you should wait for your fire pit to cool off before attempting to load it into your car or vehicle. A fire pit can remain hot long after the fire goes out, so don’t assume it’s cool just because there’s no wood burning. Wait until the fire pit is cool to the touch before transporting it to avoid injury.

If you have any questions regarding how an S&S Fire Pit can enhance your outdoor living space; We can help.