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5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Living Space More Welcoming

5229590641_bf9fa00e5e_zIt takes more than just a few plastic chairs and a table to create an attractive outdoor living space. If you want to truly enjoy your home’s outdoor area, you should design it with inviting elements. Only then will it set the tone for a pleasing environment. Here are a few quick and easy ways to make your home’s outdoor living space more welcoming.

Add Potted Plants

One of the easiest ways to make your outdoor living space more welcoming is to add potted plants and flowers. Even if you have limited experience as a “green thumb,” you shouldn’t have any problem growing three or four small plants in potted containers. For an added touch of style, top the containers off with small pebbles covering the dirt. This adds a unique and stylish look, while also helping the water evenly disperse.

Define the Walkways

Allowing weeds to encroach upon your sidewalk doesn’t exactly provide a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. This is why homeowners should maintain clear, obstruction-free walkways leading to their outdoor living space. While weed-killing sprays and products sold at home improvement stores can eliminate stubborn weeds, but another solution is to create your own weed killer using vinegar, table salt and a liquid dish soap. Spray this solution around your sidewalk and other walkways to kill weeds and prevent unwanted growth.

Paint the Trim

Try painting the trim around your doors and windows to enhance the look of your outdoor living space. Assuming you have other furniture here, you can even use a similar color to achieve a cohesive theme.

Outdoor Rug

Rugs aren’t used strictly indoors; they can also be used outdoors. If you want to make your outdoor living space look more welcoming, place a decorative outdoor rug here. Just remember to choose a rug that’s made of a durable synthetic material. Traditional 100% wool rugs won’t hold up in the outdoor elements.

Add a Fire Pit

There’s a reason why fire pits consistently rank as one of the most popular additions to outdoor living spaces: they offer both functional and aesthetic benefits. Adding a fire pit to your outdoor living space will create a natural focal point while making the area look more inviting. It also provides functional benefits, allowing you to grill steaks, roast marshmallows, and comfortably enjoy the otherwise cold fall and winter evenings.

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