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How to Protect the Grass Underneath Your Fire Pit

IMG_1090Have you discovered a patch of brown grass underneath your fire pit? Conventional wisdom should you tell that heat and grass don’t mix. So when you place a burning fire pit over grass, it may kill some of the grass. The base of a fire pit typically remains well under 450 degrees Fahrenheit (burning point for wood). However, it’s still plenty hot enough to stress and/or kill patches of grass. So, what can you do to protect your grass from damage while still enjoying everything your fire pit has to offer?

Move it…

Of course, one solution to protect your grass is to simply move your fire pit elsewhere. Assuming you have a portable fire pit, such as the ones sold here at S&S Fire Pit, you can pick up and move your fire pit to a new location. Whether it’s a paved sidewalk or back deck, try repositioning your fire pit. You can always move it back if you prefer the old, original location.

Lay Out Some Brick Pavers

Another idea is to lay out some brick pavers over your grass, creating a platform on which to place the fire pit. Brick pavers work great for this purpose: they are strong, sturdy, and highly resistant to heat and stress. Just create a small, elevated platform, and you’re good to go! The bricks will protect your grass from heat while also raising the fire pit slightly up so it’s easier and more convenient to access.

Wet the Grass

Before lighting your fire pit, try soaking the grass underneath with water. You don’t have to necessarily saturate it to the point where it’s waterlogged. Rather, spray a small amount of water over the grass, just enough to give it a protective barrier from the heat. As your fire pit warms up, it will cause the water to evaporate before damaging the grass.

Protective Mat

You might be surprised to learn that there are mats designed specifically for fire pits. These high-strength mats are placed underneath the fire pit, protecting the ground (or grass) from heat damage. Place them at underneath your fire pit for instant protection. For the price, there’s no easier or cheaper way to protect your grass.

These are just a few ideas on how to protect the grass underneath your fire pit.

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