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How to Safety Dispose of Your Fire Pit Ashes

abstract-219735_960_720A fire pit is a simple but versatile accessory that opens the doors to a whole new world of outdoor living activities. Once you’ve set up your fire pit, you can use it to build campfires, cook, roast marshmallows, or just gather around with friends and family for a relaxing ambiance. Assuming you choose a portable fire pit, such as the ones sold here at S&S Fire Pits, you can even take it camping.

But after the fire goes out, you’ll need to clean the remaining ashes out of your fire pit. Ashes and embers will remain hot long after the fire dies, and attempting to pour them into a trash can or container may spark a new fire. This is why it’s important to follow some basic steps when disposing of your fire pit ashes.

Wait 24 Hours

A good rule of thumb is to wait at least 24 hours after the fire has gone out to dispose of the ashes. This should be more than enough time for the ashes and embers to cool, eliminating the possibility of an unwanted fire.

Inspect it

After 24 hours has passed, take the lid off the fire pit and inspect the ashes to see if there are any hot embers remaining. You can use a metal poker to shuffle the ashes around, checking to make sure they are cool.

Scoop it

Assuming your fire pit is completely out and the ashes have cooled, go ahead and scoop it out using a metal shovel or spade, transferring the ashes to a metal bucket or metal container with a lid. Do not attempt to dispose of fire pit ashes in a plastic trash can or cardboard box, as this increases the risk of a fire. Metal buckets and containers offer the safety method for ash disposal.

Fire Pit Ashes in the Garden

Tip: if you have a garden, consider sprinkling your fire pit ash over the soil instead of disposing of it. Wood ash is rich in nutrient, making an excellent “organic” fertilizer that also repels common pests. According to this article published by SFGate, wood ash has about 15% calcium by weight and 20 times more potassium than limestone. All of these characteristics make it an excellent fertilizer. So instead of leaving your fire pit ashes in a metal container, try sprinkling them in your garden for an added kick of nutrition.

If you have any questions regarding how an S&S Fire Pit can enhance your outdoor living space; We can help.