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How to Start (and Enjoy) a Summertime Fire

fire-846154_960_720The summer season offers the perfect opportunity to build a fire. When the sun drops and the air becomes cooler, you can light a fire to enjoy through the night with friends and family. Summertime fires are not meant to be huge, but to provide an ambiance so no need to load up the pit.  Today, we’re going to reveal some helpful tips on how to create the perfect summertime fire.

Prepare the Area

First and foremost, you’ll need to prepare the area where you want to build the fire. If you are building a fire on the ground, you should clear away any grass, brush, plants and debris, defining the area where a perimeter of stones and rocks. For fire pits, you can simply choose an area that’s free of debris, without worrying about setting up stones and rocks.

Getting Started

Now comes the fun part: starting your summertime fire. To accomplish this, you’ll need tinder, kindling and firewood. Tinder consists of small twigs, dry leaves, and pine needles. Kindling consists of small sticks (larger than tinder). And firewood is any large piece of native wood that’s easy to burn.

There are several different ways to build a fire, although one of the easiest is to use the teepee setup. This involves placing a small amount of tinder in the center of your fire and surrounding it with a cone of kindling. As the fire burns, you can add full pieces of firewood to keep it going.

No one wants to sweat around a fire, so don’t overdo it with the firewood. Keep it small and gradually add more firewood as needed.

Extinguish Your Fire

It’s always a good idea to fully extinguish your fire before leaving it. For open campfires, simply wait for all the large pieces of wood to burn, at which point you can pour a small amount of water over the coals to cool them. You can then kick or toss some dirt over the coals to further prevent any stray embers from escaping.

If you have a portable fire pit, extinguishing your fire is a bit easier. Going back to high-school chemistry 101, fire needs oxygen to burn. When you restrict a fire of oxygen, it inevitably goes out. So if you haven’t done so already, invest in a snuffer lid for your fire pit, placing it over the fire pit when you are ready to extinguish it.

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