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Steel vs Stone Fire Pits: Which is Best?

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a fire pit. It’s a brilliant addition to any patio or outdoor living area, enhancing the surrounding environment with both aesthetic and functional benefits. While there are many different types of fire pits, the two most popular are stone and steel. So, which type is the best?


#blueridgefirepitEver notice that when sitting around a stone Fire Pit, for example, at an outdoor restaurant, that everyone is huddled or even sitting on the edge of the Fire Pit ?  Well, the reason is plain and simple.  Stone just doesn’t heat up very well nor does it radiate heat like a true steel fire pit will.  Because they are made of metal, steel fire pits are able to absorb and radiate heat more effectively than their stone counterpart. This means you’ll receive more warmth when gathered around a steel fire pit. Steel fire pits will continue to radiate heat long after the wood or charcoal has finished burning.


Stone fire pits simply are just not portable.  They become a fixture in your outdoor space which after paying for you can’t take it with you.  If you want to move it to a new location — or take it with you when you move into a new home  you can’t — opting for a steel fire pit is probably the better choice. Steel pits are very portable allowing owners to take them when they move, go camping or just take to a friends house for a party.


When discussing the nuances of steel and stone fire pits, we must look at installation and setup. A genuine stone fire pit often requires professional installation, further increasing its bottom-line price. Hiring a professional landscaping company to build and install a stone fire pit isn’t cheap by any means, adding at least several hundred dollars to its cost. Steel fire pits, on the other hand, are already crafted and ready to go without the need for professional installation.

The Bottom Line…

As you can see, steel fire pits come out on top as the undisputed winner. Sure, stone has been used for centuries to create fully functional fire pits, and even today they remain a popular outdoor accessory among homeowners. However, there’s a growing trend towards the use of steel fire pits, and for good reason: they absorb and retain heat more effectively; they are  portable; they are easier to install; and they tend to cost less. These are just a few of the many reasons why steel fire pits are taking over.

If you have any questions regarding Fire Pits, steel vs stone, give us a call; We can help.