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Happy Holidays to all!  Please note that all orders for Holiday gift Fire Pits need to be placed by Friday December 19th.  We can not guarantee an order for December 25th after the 19th.  Please contact us today to get your orders in.  Thanks and Happy Holidays!!




Please be advised that our "Where You Can Find Us" schedule may change on short notice this time of the year due to weather.  Please check back frequently to make sure we have not changed an event.  We hope to see you out there or call to visit our shop.  




As we approach the busy Fall Season we want to thank all of our customers for their business.  We are already starting to take orders for the fall.  Get them in early and Feel free to call our Studio to see what "One Off Pits" we might have in stock.  Be sure to check us out on the road.  Visit our "Where You Can Find Us" page to see our schedule.


Communing around a roaring campfire is undoubtedly one of Humankind’s most treasured pastimes. It’s no wonder we’re all so naturally – almost instinctively – entranced by the soothing ‘crackle and pop’ of an open fire, for it was around these same fires that our earliest ancestors sought safety and comfort from the frigid cold, shared stories about their daily adventures, and cooked tasty meals as a community for the first time.

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Even today, when family and friends are joined together in their backyard or somewhere within a tranquil forest setting, a blazing fire pit still provides that timeless sense of security, warmth, fraternity, and relaxation that’s gone unmatched across the ages.

Thanks to the expert craftsmen at S&S Fire Pits, now you can own and transport a convenient, sturdy fire pit of your choice anywhere life happens to take you. Manufactured entirely out of hand sanded quarter inch steel, and coated with a 2000 degree silicone based clear coat for extra protection against the unforgiving elements of Mother Nature, an S&S fire pit is absolutely guaranteed not to crack or split . . . no matter how hot the flames get.

So bid farewell to all those substandard, shoddy imitation fire pits, and get yourself one that won’t ever have to be replaced – in fact, if it’s an S&S fire pit, then it will probably even outlast you!

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S&S Fire Pits offers only the highest quality products, ideal for immediate use on your patio, outdoor deck, or anywhere in your backyard. And because our S&S fire pits are portable enough to be taken on the road, they’re perfect for tailgating parties, as well as camping trips to the beach, lake, or whichever natural setting you’ve got in mind.


 ” Every Party Needs a S & S Fire Pit”        Sig Read

 ”Best. Fire. Pits. Ever. Had a great party just this last week, grilled shrimp and steak and corn to perfection. Then roasted marshmallows with the kids. When the Fall hits and the mercury drops, gonna build the roaring fires!”           Robert Baker

And as an added bonus, S&S will happily customize any fire pit to meet your specific needs.

So do yourself a favor and spoil your family and friends with the kind of timeless treat that will never go out of vogue – a good old fashioned campfire experience. There’s just no better way to take in the dog days of summer or breathe in the crisp air of fall and winter than huddled around a calming campfire. So go ahead, make it an S&S fire pit . . . and sit back in style.

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