Stop looking & BUY an S&S Fire Pit

TL:DR If you're on this page, reading this review, you have found the ultimate fire pit from the best company, just buy it, you won't be disappointed.

There are so many reasons I LOVE this fire pit, I will try to outline them all.

1) This fire pit is GORGEOUS, like a work of art.
2) It is built to LAST. Thick gauge steel, natural patina/oxidation
3) It is built in the USA!
4) Andy and S&S provide about the best customer service I have encountered (seriously)
5) Having the pit on legs/pedestal allows for amazing radiant heat - you can't put your feet under a traditional fire pit like you can with an S&S
6) Drain plug/shape create a terrific burn & facilitate EASY clearing of ash build-up
7) THE SNUFFER LID IS AMAZING. I literally throw it on a raging multi log fire when I am ready for bed and it goes right out with no worry or risk of unattended embers/fire. The next day, the wood ignites instantly. The snuffer lid doesn't allow moisture in the pit so the wood is like charcoal, ignites right up
8) The cooking grill/grate is a perfect match and allows feeding more wood without taking the grill off
9) It's mobile. If I end up building a deck, I can reposition the fire pit. When we move, I'm taking this fire pit with me! If we could still tailgate at events, this pit would be in the parking lot at games too!
10) Shipping was quick and easy - the pallet was left on my driveway and I just cut the straps and moved it to the backyard. I even chopped up the pallet for the first fire. If you're contemplating the fire pit, you should also consider the log rack. Shipping these pits on LTL isn't cheap, and S&S isn't profiting on shipping. If you're already getting a pit, the log rack can be added with considerable shipping savings.
11) ALL my friends & neighbors are jealous. One neighbor proclaimed - "I wish I had known about S&S before I built my pit..." This isn't a selling point, but more a data point on how incredible these pits are.

I am sure I am forgetting more amazing things about S&S and my fire pit. I have had a fire each night since we got it & I can't stop talking about how awesome S&S Fire Pits are.

Buy it, you won't regret it, and like their tagline says it will be "the last fire pit you'll buy!"

Man, that is awesome, thank you from all of us Drew!


Andy and his team are the getting it done in GA! My S&S pit has quickly become the centerpiece for all of our backyard adventures. We use our pit for multiple purposes (large cookouts, s’mores and relaxing by the fire) often all in the same day. The deep bowl design of my 41” Hemisphere allows me to burn large uncut rounds once I get a good fire going. These uncuts burn for up to an hour or more allowing you to sit back and enjoy. In my opinion, you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not also buy the cooking grate, snuffer lid and ash shovel. We will have this pit for years to come. Our kids (and their friends) are growing up around this pit (memories galore). They are learning valuable lessons in how to respect/tend fire. This pit will be an heirloom one day that my son will use with his own family. These pits are the real deal made with care. If you are debating between one of the pits sold for much less at big-box stores or some of the more recent “smokeless/double burn” types vs an S&S pit...debate cancelled. All those other pits are garbage. No need for a fancy cover here (leave it out in the rain with snuffer lid on and you get a rich, beautiful patina. No need to buy a base...legs are welded on for life. Super easy to clean with ash shovel and a leaf blower.

Keeping it real and burning LARGE on the Jersey shoreline.

Rich S.

Rich, I don't even know what to say, but Wow! Thank you again for the business and the support!

Awesome Product and Customer Service

This fire pit snuffer lid fits perfectly on our in-ground backyard fire pit. Very pleased with the product and even more pleased with the customer service. My original lid came damaged from shipping. I contacted Andy and he immediately shipped out a new one, literally the next day. I was a little bummed initially because it was supposed to be a gift. Andy was so prompt that even the second one arrived in time for the birthday. I appreciated this very much. Great quality and great service....SUPPORT THIS SMALL BUSINESS!

Thanks for the great review Zack!

Great Addition to our Patio!

Our fire pit arrived last week and we used it over the weekend.  It's a great addition to our patio and really enjoyed it.  The S&S Fire Pit was exactly what we were looking for.  A sturdy, heavy gage metal fire pit that is heads above the store-bought offerings!  We plan to get plenty of use out of it over the next several months and will take a picture of it in use and send it to you.


Thank you,

Thanks Brian we really appreciate the support. Enjoy your fire pit.Andy

This fire pit did not disappoint!

We received our fire pit within the expected time frame and it was shipped securely fastened to a pallet. The craftsmanship is top quality! We had been searching the internet for several weeks looking for a high quality, well designed fire pit that we would be proud to showcase for years to come. This fire pit did not disappoint! We also ordered the snuff lid and tools and are impressed as well. If you are looking for a unique fire pit that gives you multiple options to place in your backyard.....look no further!

Thanks Gary, we appreciate it man!


We love this fire pit. This is an attractive, solid, well built, no nonsense, fire pit. We use it mostly on our small bluestone patio. We live in Vermont where we have a very short season when you can sit outdoors after dark and be comfortable without a fire. This thing has extended our season and made it possible for us to have friends visit in the evening and stay cozy warm sitting around a fire. The snuffer lid is a must. Love it. Highly recommended.

Highly Recommend!

We bought a 30" Elliptical pit on legs with a snuffer for our small patio at our rural home in Vermont. I love it. It is exactly what we need to enjoy warm visits with friends.

I've been a canoe tripper all my life and it was a little hard to adjust to the propane torch fire lighting approach. We canoeists take great pride in our ability to get a fire going with one match in the pouring rain. But, I have embraced the technique that Andy demonstrates, and man does it work well. We have already had many warm fall evenings with a roaring fire and good friends around our fire pit. This thing is the real deal.

We love it. Thanks for being straight shooters making an honest product. You folks are a breath of fresh air.

Thanks Robert for the awesome words. We appreciate your business and enjoy the Fire Pit!

Fire pit arrived yesterday and we broke it in last night. Love your work and had a bunch of friends ask where I got it. Thanks again for the great customer service. It’s awesome dealing with a company like yours.

Thanks Jason we appreciate it!


This is an AMAZING fire pit. I thought it was a little expensive but sooo worth the money!!! =) It will definitely last a lifetime!!! We have had fires every night since it arrived!!! The snuffer lid came today. =) When they said made in the USA... S & S Fire Pits definitely delivered!!! The guys at this company are southern gentleman. The delivery was smooth also. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY FIRE PIT FROM S & S FIRE PITS!!! =)

Thank you so much. You are the ideal customer, someone who recognizes and is willing to pay for quality. When you make everything yourselves there's a lot more time involved to get to that quality. We strive to make all our customers happy and we appreciate the good words.

Exceptional Fire Pit

These firepits are incredible...Andy and Co. are exceptional...the Google reviews confirm this.

I purchased 2 36" Decorative Elliptical Fire Pits (one for my daughter). We both couldn't be happier with them. And the compliments we get are stellar.

As for the purchase experience, not one issue. Andy worked with shipping which decreased some cost since they were delivered to the same address. I appreciate all he did.

S & S is an example of why there are benefits when you support a small business. You get that personal attention and a high quality product.

Thanks for the great words Mike. Yes, we are a small business that has built our way up through the years. We now employ 9 great folks and are able to take care of them due to customers like yourself. Thanks again.

No Regrets!

All I can say about S&S fire pits is that you will never regret that yes they cost a little more, but it’s something you’ll enjoy over and over and over again. Nothing at all like the store bought stuff that lasts a few years. And the fact that you can get them so big.... I stopped splitting big stuff and throw in the logs that are almost too big to lift. Keep it burning all weekend long, I just can’t say enough good things about mine. Buy the fire pit, the snuffer lid to shut it down when it gets windy or starts to rain. Buy the matching fire wood rack and the screen. You’ll use it all over and over and just love it!

Thanks John, we appreciate it man!

by Rick Wagner S&S Fire Pits
Great Fire Pit

Purchased this as a gift for my daughter and her husband. They are so happy with it and it really adds a nice finishing touch to their nicely decorated back yard. They've enjoyed sitting around the fire in my yard for the past 5 years. I have a 30 Hemisphere w/decorative legs which has never let me down and has a beautiful purple patina. Great quality products from the guys at S&S. Thanks so much.

Thanks so much Rick. We appreciate the repeat business!!

Best Snuffer!

Great build quality and fast delivery.

Too bad I didn’t know about S&S before I got a fire pit. I would have bought a pit too!

Highly recommended!

Hey Mike we appreciate all the business we get. Thanks.

by Christine Bush S&S Fire Pits
This is the most amazing pit ever!

We have had ours for a year and a half now and I am really happy with it. It is gorgeous and the perfect size for us. The snuffer and accessory tools are great too. They are all made to last and are beautiful. You won't be sorry if you purchase this item.

Thank you Christine! We appreciate your business!

The Quality!

I have a different make 30" pit and this snuffer lid's quality puts it to shame. Great company to buy from, got my eye on a log holder for the Fall.

Thanks Tim, we appreciate it.

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