Great product & company

I received my firepit today, within 1 week of ordering, and the first fire was great. This firepit is awesome! I can't wait to have our friends and family see it. Looking forward to years of enjoyment.

Awesome man, thank you so much!!

Amazing fire pits we got ours last fall just in time for the cooler weather and its a blast! we're going to use it year quality product...American Made! easy shipping for an object that's made of pure steal😎😎 and when I had a question about my order (I switched to a bigger pit with no regrets) Andy answered the phone! now that is legit. amazing business..I'm thinking of buying another one in the future! their accessories are awesome too I highly recommend the ash shovel..its nice and big to easily clean the pit out after a good burn. thanks guys for making the best fire pits! no regrets!

Thanks Mike, we appreciate the good words. Enjoy your pit!

Exceeded Expectations!

My fire pit just arrived. Its looks great can’t wait to use it. Your company is right on top of it. Ordered it April 12th and its here already April 21st .

Thanks for Quick service

Jimmy Jay Levie

Thanks Jimmy, that's what 10 years of making, selling and shipping gets you! We strive to stay on top of it.

Love our S & S Fire Pit

After a lot of searching we decided on an S & S 36" fire pit on legs. We have always had a patio built-in fire-pit so it was important to us to get it right when choosing a mobile pit. We have a small patio as we are in between homes and we have liked the ability to move it around based on what we are doing outside. Yes, it is heavy but the handles make it quick and easy to move. It is an ideal size for the two of us or the whole family (someday soon again hopefully). We did purchase the lid and it was a good decision. The inside is never wet when we want to start a fire and we can be assured no sparks when we cover and leave the fire at night. I'm on the S & S site again to order a grate and skewers today. The outside does get very hot so you will want to keep little (and big) hands away. I'd recommend a grill mat underneath the fire pit if putting on your patio to avoid rust on your pavers. If on grass, not an issue. Overall we are very happy with our purchase and highly recommend for quality, appearance and customer service.

Thank you, we appreciate it! Yes we also recommend a good barrier between the fire pit and the ground, just to be safe and keep the base from leaving a mark.

Hey Andy,

I ordered this last year based on your recommendations. I'm so happy with it!  This fire pit brings so much joy to our family....and entire neighborhood for that matter. There have been dozens of late nights spent around it laughing.  Thanks for doing what you do. Just thought you'd like to know that your work is appreciated. Thanks again!


Derek Cerza

Front and Center

When we moved to the mountains to take care of the family home, it never occurred to us that what we needed was a hand-crafted fire pit. We loved wood fires. We had two wood stoves in the house. But until our dear friends, Audrey and James, bought this incredible gift for us, we didn’t know we needed a fire pit. Now, it is a central part of our outdoor decor, cuisine, ambiance, and morning coffee routine. What a great fire pit. It’s become one of our favorite things. I guarantee, when we move, it’s coming with us.

Thanks you guys! Enjoy.


best $ ever spent

My wife and I had previously owned 3 other cast iron firepits that were heavy duty and well made but from the big chain stores. They always wind up breaking and rusting and eventually burning through. This time we decided to pay the extra money and get a piece that looks awesome and can literally be the centerpoint of the patio and also will last forever. The snuffer lid is a great idea and is now essential at our house for peace of mind when we go to bed. The cooking top is totally awesome. We start a fire every night when the weather is nice, it gets so much use its absolutely worth every penny. We couldn’t possibly recommend it any more. We are now lifetime supporters of S&S! 36” elliptical / lid / cooktop, fast reasonable cost shipping, great company - 5 stars!

Thank you so much Ryan. We appreciate it!!

Great Pit!

Just received the pit today and couldn’t be more pleased! The ambient heat it throws through the base is unparalleled and will be ever so welcomed this fall and winter!

Thanks Terah. We appreciate the business.

Best fire pits on the market for recreational or for cooking! A must have for the lake or the patio! 10/10

Thanks Witt!

Joe, we appreciate it very much!

This Fire Pit Is Awesome!

This fire pit is awesome! It is a very well constructed pit that will last for many years to come. I highly recommend buying a snuffer. The snuffer makes putting out your fire simple and easy.

Thanks Jamie enjoy your fire pit!

by Bill Carey S&S Fire Pits
S&S Fire Pits are Solid!

S&S Fire Pits are solid, and they are SAFE. When you are done with your fire, you put the lid on it, and it puts it out, and next time you want to have a fire you have charcoal wood ready to go. The pathetic "fire pits" sold at Lowe's and Home Depot aren't even safe and should be outlawed in my opinion.

Thanks Bill!

What an Awesome Fire Pit!

Awesome John, Fire it Up!

Great Customer Service and Shipping

Hi Andy,

I received the fire pit yesterday & looks GREAT… you guys are true craftsmen of a real cool product & it shows!

Also wanted to compliment Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc, the shipper you used to deliver the product to me.

They are super as well. In particular, the gent making the delivery Lawrence Chenier.  I have contacted the company to recognize the guy making the delivery. In today’s world where great customer service is the exception, I could not miss this opportunity for recognize & complement you & your shipper.

Have a great day!

John Sebastinas

Thanks John, we appreciate that very much. We strive to work with quality carriers that take care of our products and our customers!


We love our 42

We Bought one 42 inch ,for A Gift.... and one 42 inch, for ourselves ...... And Will Purchase 3 More 42 in., For Christmas Gifts 🎁 This year ..... Who want’s one?

Hey Mike, Thanks again, we love repeat customers like yourself!


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