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10 Everyday Uses for Wood Ashes

4673431180_f3c7ec7a32_z#1) Eliminate Bad Odors

Whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, you can use ashes to eliminate bad odors. Place the ashes inside an open-top container, such as an empty coffee container, and place it inside the space that you wish to deodorize. The Ashes will attract and absorb odor-causing germs, leaving the area smelling nice and clean.

#2) Stain Remover

Wood ashes can also be used to remove stains on clothes. When you discover a stain, place a small amount of ash directly on the affected area and gently rub it using a piece of bread.

#3) Lye Water

You can make lye water using ash. Place a couple spoonfuls of ash in a small-to-medium-sized pot and bring to a boil. After allowing it to boil for a few minutes, filter the contents through a coffee filter. The remaining water contains lye, which is great for cleaning floors, counter tops, stone, or just about anything else!

#4) Plant Fertilizer

Being that it’s organic and loaded with rich minerals, wood ash makes an excellent plant fertilizer. Simply sprinkle it directly over your garden, or mix it in with potting soil.

#5) Compost

I guess you could say this goes hand-in-hand with plant fertilizer. Nonetheless, you can add wood ash to a compost bin for an added kick of nutrients.

 #6) Insect Repellent

Struggling to keep those pesky insects out of your basement? Try sprinkling some wood ashes around the perimeter. The general idea is to create a barrier of ashes. Most insects won’t travel over ash, so as long as you have a perimeter set up, it should keep your basement pest-free.

#7) Protects Plants from the Cold

As any green thumb already knows, cold snaps can easily kill plants. One way to protect plants from freezing temperatures is to apply mulch around them. An alternative solution, however, is to apply wood ashes around the base. It works in a similar manner as mulch, insulating your plants and protecting them from the cold weather.

#8) Melts Ice

The next time you wake and discover your driveway is coated with ice, try sprinkling some ash over it. Ash has the ability to melt ice because of its high salt content.

#9) Extinguish Fire

While it’s no substitution for an actual fire extinguisher, ash can be used to put out small fires.

#10) Filters Wine Sediments

You can filter wine through ash to remove sediments.

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