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3 Easy Ways to Cook Using a Campfire

campfire-1548787_960_720Ask any seasoned camper and he or she will agree: food just taste better when you’re miles away from civilization. From basic snacks to full meals, there’s something special about eating when camping. With that said, there are several different ways to cook using a campfire, some of which we’re going to explore in today’s blog post.

Skewer on a Stick

One of the easiest ways to cook using a campfire is to skewer the food on a stick. Whether it’s marshmallows, steak medallions, vegetables, etc., most small-sized food can easily be skewered and cook over a campfire. And with the food on a stick, you can easily raise or lower the height to adjust its cooking temperature. The only real problem with this method is that it may or may not cook food evenly throughout.

Wrap in Foil

Another idea is to cook food over a campfire using aluminum foil. The aluminum foil acts as a protective barrier, keeping its contents clean and preventing it from burning. However, it still allows for the transfer of heat so the food will cook. Simply wrap your desired food in aluminum foil, after which you can place it either directly on the fire or on a grill grate. Because the food is contained in aluminum foil, you can cook smaller pieces than using the skewer-stick method mentioned above. You can also place the foil-wrapped food directly over the fire, allowing for a more even and thorough cooking.

Place on a Grill Grate

Of course, a third option — and probably the most popular — is to cook food on a grill grate over a campfire. You don’t have to necessarily bring an entire grill (although some campers do). Rather, bring a metal grille grate to place over your campfire. Once your campfire reaches a hot enough temperature, you can cook on the grate like a normal grill. The only downside is that your fire must be small enough so it doesn’t burn your food, which is a very real possibility when using a grill grate.

Many campers prefer this method because it leaves the distinct grill marks of a traditional grill. If you want to cook steaks, for instance, using a grill grate creates the characteristic lines.

Regardless of which method you choose, be sure to clean up afterwards.

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