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5 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Party this Winter

patio-cover-1748372_960_720Just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take your parties indoors. On the contrary, many homeowners prefer the winter season for outdoor parties because of the cool temperatures and mild weather. But there are a few things you should know when planning a party during this time of year.

Check the Weather

You should always check the weather when planning an outdoor party, scheduling it for a clear day when possible. There’s no faster way to ruin a party than with rain. Sure, you can always set up umbrellas or have your party under a covered patio or deck, but this isn’t exactly enjoyable when it’s cold outside.

Climate Control

Even if the local weather calls for clear skies, you should still provide warmth for your guests when hosting an outdoor party. Thankfully, there are several ways to control the climate in your outdoor living space, some of which include portable patio heaters, a fire pit, or even enclosures.

Stay Active

You should also plan your outdoor winter party with activities. Whether it’s horseshoe toss, charades, or simply tossing the football around, activities such as these will help guests stay warm and comfortable. Furthermore, activities offer a form of entertainment, which is paramount when hosting a party.

Grill Foods

There’s no better opportunity to grill delicious home-cooked meals than an outdoor party. Some ideas to consider for your party include burgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken kebabs and pork chops. Best of all, you don’t even need an actual charcoal or gas grill to cook them. As long as you have a fire pit set up, you can grill delicious foods with the same distinct smokey flavor created by a grill.

Provide Lighting

If you plan on hosting your party during the evening — or into the evening — you should set up adequate lighting throughout the space. String lights have become a popular choice for outdoor lighting, as it offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. String lights can be ran across patios and other structures, allowing for an innovative and unique lighting solution. Another idea is to use tiki torches. Not only will they illuminate your outdoor living space, but they also provide warmth and a relaxing ambiance. Some tiki torches even have bug-repellent chemicals added to them, which are helpful for keeping mosquitoes away.

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