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6 Undeniable Reasons to Build a Campfire

bonfire-1354472_960_720No camping experience is complete without a fire. Whether you’re deep in the wilderness or enjoying backyard camping with your family, you should build a fire — and here’s why.

Produces Warmth

This alone should be reason enough to build a campfire. According to, the average campfire reaches around 1,571 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to keep you and your fellow campers warm during an otherwise chilly fall/winter evening. Of course, you can control the temperature of your campfire — at least to some degree — by adding more firewood. More wood translates into a hotter flame.

Social Gathering

There’s a unique social aspect associated with campfires. Humans have been gathering around fires for thousands of years. Even today, we’re naturally drawn to fires, as it creates a social gathering point. You can enjoy the company of friend and family, sharing stories or simply relaxing. Just remember to bring enough chairs so that everyone can comfortably sit around your campfire.


A third reason to build a campfire is for cooking. Using nothing more than a standup grill grate, you can cook everything from steaks and chicken to pork chops and smores. And if you really feel like taking your outdoor culinary skills to the next level, you can always bring pots, pans and other cookware on your camping trip.

Signal Beacon

One of the lesser-known benefits of building a campfire is the signal beacon it provides. If someone ventures away from the campsite in the middle of the night, he or she may have trouble finding their way back. If there’s a campfire burning, though, it will guide them back to the site.

Pest Repellent

There’s nothing more frustrating than being bombarded with mosquitoes when camping. These blood-sucking insects will hover over you, waiting for the right time to strike. One solution to protect against mosquitoes and similar airborne pests is to apply an insect repellent. However, campfires are equally as effective. Mosquitoes hate smoke, so burning a fire acts as a natural repellent.

Develop Survival Skills

Building a campfire also encourages the development of essential survival skills. While it’s doubtful that you’ll be rubbing two sticks together, you’ll still need to gather tinder, kindling and firewood, arranging it all in the appropriate fashion. When camping with children, you can show them exactly how to build a campfire and keep it going throughout the night.

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