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How to Light a Fire Pit

#blueridgefirepitThinking about investing in a new fire pit? Doing so will open up the doors to a whole new world of opportunities for you and your family. Using a fire pit, you can create a relaxing ambiance on your patio, grill burgers and hot dogs (or any food for that matter), or just use your fire pit to enhance your home’s exterior. To take full advantage of this brilliant accessory, however, you’ll need to know how to light it.

Create Kindling

The easiest and safest way to light your fire pit is to place a ball of kindling under the wood. Kindling can be any light, fluffy material that easily catches fire.  Newspaper, dead leaves, pine needles, wood shavings and small pieces of tree bark are all excellent sources of kindling. Place a small stack under the wood in your fire pit and try lighting it instead of the wood. Once the kindling catches fire, the rest of the wood should also ignite.

Before the Logs

Generally kindling won’t light large logs on fire before burning out. Because of this it’s typically best to have a layer of smaller diameter wood between the kindling and logs. Larger twigs, broken tree branches & chopped up logs work great for this purpose.

Can I Use Gasoline?

It’s best to avoid using gasoline to light your fire pit for a couple different reasons. First and foremost, gasoline is highly combustible, meaning there’s a greater risk of an explosion and/or uncontrollable fire when using it in this manner. Secondly, gasoline has a petrochemical odor that lingers in the air. If you intend to cook on your fire pit, this chemical-rich smell will taint your food — something that most people want to avoid when cooking.

Why Isn’t My Fire Pit Lighting?

If you are still having trouble lighting your fire pit, you should check to make sure the lumber is dry. Conventional wisdom should leave you to believe that lumber won’t light if it’s still wet. This is why it’s important to always store your lumber in a dry, covered area; otherwise, it will become saturated with moisture when it rains. Lumber will typically dry out in a couple days, but until then, you may struggle to light it.

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