Fire Pit Snuffers

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  • 42″ Rainproof Round Fire Pit Cover (To Be Used Over Snuffer Lid)

    Our Round Fire Pit Covers are designed to work in conjunction with our Snuffer lids.  They will not work without the snuffer lid because they will cave in.  They are meant to keep your S&S Firepit and Snuffer lid safe from the elements giving you peace of mind for years to come. Our water and rain resistant fabric combines style and durability with taped seam construction to keep water out in all conditions.  Use your Fire Pit cover directly over your snuffer lid once the fire has cooled down to keep all water from making direct contact with your lid.  This will control any residual water from sitting directly on your lid.  Our Fire Pit Covers are not designed to fit over your fire pit screen, they are designed to fit over your snuffer lid, if used without a snuffer lid they will not do their job, they will just cave into your pit when it rains.


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Showing 13–13 of 13 results

Our fire pit snuffer lids are one of our best-selling products and for good reason. When the fire pit is not in use, the snuffer acts as a tabletop for drinks and food, but also keeps water and such out of the pit.

When the snuffer is placed on the fire pit after use, it guarantees you won’t burn down the neighborhood. Furthermore, it’s not a great idea to leave wet ashes in your fire pit. Wet ash turns into lye and lye is chemical that reacts with steel. Our pits are too thick to worry about, but we do not recommend leaving wet ashes at all in your fire pit ever. Our fire pit lids are the next best thing we sell next to our fire pits. <em>Consider it a win-win for everyone</em>.

Snuffer Lid Design

Our snuffers are built from solid plate steel and will suffocate a fire within about five minutes. When used after a fire, it works to prevent the spread of ash and embers by creating an effective seal around the pit.

The snuffer will arrive in its natural raw steel look, but the oxidation process will cause it to form an outside layer of surface rust which will help to protect the internal steel. This process is supposed to happen, and will make the snuffer match the fire pit, which goes through the same process.

To give your snuffer more of a tabletop look, you can paint it with a high-temperature paint. This will form a bonding layer between the steel and the outside elements. If you decide to do this, it will need to be repainted about once a year.

Most of our customers enjoy the look of the natural steel and just allow the steel to age on its own.

Why You Need Our Snuffer

Two reasons: One, no one wants to get woken up in the middle of the night and told to go check on the fire and two, who wouldn’t like to turn their fire pit, when not in use, into a table top surface where you can place your beer, coffee or whatever on when not using it for a fire.

My wife prefers to use it for plant pots or food, but I like the drink idea myself. Safety is also a concern when leaving fires smoldering.

Our heavy-duty lids extinguish the fire, so you don’t have to worry about it reigniting. The snuffer also acts as a protectant against the elements, keeping rain and snow out.

Many companies sell hinged models, but the gap in the middle defeats the purpose of having a cover in the first place, as the elements are going to seep in and over time any moving parts will eventually fail, not our motto.

S&S Fire Pit Snuffers

After you pick up one of our fire pits, you really should get a snuffer.

Snuffers and cooking grates are our most popular accessories, because they are useful, safer and expand the horizon on what you do with your fire pit. The snuffers we make are solid US steel and come with thick welded handles for easy placement. They are also, durable and difficult for children to move, which is ultimately better for safety.

The best part is we have snuffer lids available in different sizes and styles like square fire pit snuffer, 30″ fire pit snuffer to 42 inches.

Many of our customers buy the fire pit and snuffer at the same time, using PayPal financing. PayPal offers six months interest-free financing, and it only takes a few steps to complete the process. We also offer credit and debit card options.

If you are in the Atlanta area, be sure to come down and visit our showroom to find the perfect fire pit, snuffer, grate or accessory for your home! Source: