41″ Rainproof Round Fire Pit Cover (To Be Used Over Snuffer Lid)



Our Round Fire Pit Covers are designed to work in conjunction with our Snuffer lids.  They will not work without the snuffer lid because they will cave in.  They are meant to keep your S&S Firepit and Snuffer lid safe from the elements giving you peace of mind for years to come. Our water and rain resistant fabric combines style and durability with taped seam construction to keep water out in all conditions.  Use your Fire Pit cover directly over your snuffer lid once the fire has cooled down to keep all water from making direct contact with your lid.  This will control any residual water from sitting directly on your lid.  Our Fire Pit Covers are not designed to fit over your fire pit screen, they are designed to fit over your snuffer lid, if used without a snuffer lid they will not do their job, they will just cave into your pit when it rains.

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  • Fits round fire pits 41″ DIA
  • Keeps water from making direct contact with your snuffer lid
  • Our Rainproof fabric combines style and durability with taped seam construction to keep water out so that you’re always ready to entertain
  • Customized click-close buckles and adjustable designer webbing provide exceptional security in windy conditions
  • Critical taped seams help keep water out and your fire pit protected
  • Custom designer handles provide ease and comfort when installing and removing covers
  • Cord lock closures allow easy access to adjustment points at the hem resulting in a custom-like fit
  • Not designed to entirely cover the legs or bases


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 12 in

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    Actual Dimensions 188 lbs 41" x 41" 26" (approximate finished height) 19" deep bowl Fire Pits ship on a 40lb pallet - We Generally ship out within 3-5 business days! This handcrafted 41” hemisphere Fire Pit is the Granddaddy of all our Hemisphere pits.  It sits approximately 26” off the ground. This fire pit is all hand-welded; it has a tripod legs system for a base, custom hand forged handles, has a 1⁄2” drain hole to keep water out, comes with a free handcrafted 46” Fire Poker. This Fire Pit is designed to easily service 2-30 people at any gathering. All of our fire pits are made using high quality carbon steel.  Carbon steel is designed to oxidize and change colors over time.  You can see a chart of the color shifts here, https://ssfirepits.com/faq/.  All fire pits will take on their own character and your fire pit may come with a patina already started.  Over time they will darken up.  You can see some customer submitted photos of fire pits that have stood the test of time in our customer photo gallery, https://ssfirepits.com/gallery/


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  • 41″ Handcrafted Snuffer Lid for Fire Pit

    Actual Dimensions are 43 1/4" 34 lbs FIRE PITS SOLD SEPARATE All our snuffer lids are designed for the peace of mind. They will suffocate a fire at the end of the night so you can go to bed without worrying. They can also double as a lid to keep the outside elements out of your pit. They are made using high quality plate steel.   Steel will oxidize and form an outside layer of rust which will help to protect the internal steel.  Your snuffer will eventually match the same patina as your fire pit, which goes through the exact same process.  The oxidation process is a natural process which is controlled by the environment in which it is in.  Furthermore, it's not a great idea to leave wet ashes in your fire pit. Wet ash turns into lye and lye is chemical that reacts with steel. Our pits are too thick to worry about, but we do not recommend leaving wet ashes at all in your fire pit ever. Our snuffer lids are the next best thing we sell next to our fire pits. By using thick gauge steel, we slow the process down significantly.  You may choose to paint your snuffer with a high temp paint which will form a bonding layer between the steel and the outside elements, but you may find yourself doing this once a year.  Otherwise, you can choose to let the natural process occur and simply leave it alone. Actual Dimensions are 43 1/4" 32lbs FIRE PITS SOLD SEPARATE  


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  • 41″ Dome Pivot Fire Pit Screen – Carbon Steel

    Handcrafted in the USA and designed to last! Dimensions 41.5 x 41.5 x 20.5 (Center Height) 31 lbs We make our screens to order based on the complexity and time it takes to make a quality screen.  OUR PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING DIRECT TO YOU.  PLEASE ALLOW A MINIMUM OF 4-5 WEEKS FOR US TO MAKE AND SHIP YOUR SCREEN.  SPARK SCREENS SHIP SEPARATE FORM FIRE PIT ORDERS.   Our handcrafted Fire Pit Spark Screens are designed for the piece of mind while having fires.  Our Pivot screen will allow you to open either side of the screen to easily add wood while having a fire.  They are made using high quality 1/4" thick American made carbon steel.  By using 1/4" thick steel your spark screen won't succumb to the heat and will last.  They come painted with a high temperature black paint. Carbon steel will oxidize just like your fire pit and you can choose to  repaint it from time to time.  Each screen has tabs welded on the inside so they sit properly on your fire pit.  Our pivot screens have locking brackets that go over the fire pit and allow you to lock one side down.  Please when checking out let us know if you do not need the brackets.  The brackets will not allow the screen to sit flat if you are purchasing this for an existing stone fire pit for example.  We can easily make them without the bracket just let us know in the notes section at checkout.  We make our screens to order based on the complexity and time it takes to make a quality screen.  OUR PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING DIRECT TO YOU PLEASE ALLOW A MINIMUM OF 4-5 WEEKS FOR US TO MAKE AND SHIP YOUR SCREEN.  SPARK SCREENS SHIP SEPARATE FORM FIRE PIT ORDERS.     Feel free to call, 404-840-8474, with any questions you might have regarding our spark screens. Your screen is made to last and to withstand the elements, but there are a few things you don’t want to do. Use your screen under normal use. Do not put your screen over a large Bonfire type of fire.  If you consistently are burning large fires through the screen, then you will eventually wear out the metal.  The screens are designed to catch sparks, not large flame.  Use and source quality firewood that will not produce a ton of spark. Kiln dried firewood is the best you can purchase. No chemicals. Do not squirt any chemicals such as lighter fluid through your screen.  Chemicals can cause the metal to get thin and eventually fail. Do not cover your screen. You do not want to trap moisture inside of a cover and your screen.  Moisture if trapped will eventually rust the screen and if you leave it covered for a long period of time it could rust through the screen. Do not use a tarp or other type of cover.  You should be taking your screen off at the end of the night and placing your snuffer lid over the pit to ensure the fire is out and to make sure no water is getting into the pit.  Wet ash turns into lye and lye is a corrosive chemical that reacts with metal. Paint your screen from time to time with a high temperature paint.  Depending on how much you use it, this will also help to protect your investment in a quality screen


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