Custom Size Heavy Duty Handcrafted Fire Pit Cooking Grate


Don’t own one of our Fire Pits yet, but would love to start cooking on your pit?  Let us custom make a cooking grate to fit your needs.  Call or email us for a quote,  we’ll be more than happy to make one for you.  We can also make a replacement cooking grate for your smoker as well.

Our Handcrafted Fire Pit cooking grates are made to be extremely strong with multiple stiffeners built into the frame.   Our handles are a heavy-duty spring handle made for comfort and heat protection.  We make our grates in a rectangular format to allow you to add wood to your pit when cooking without having to lift the entire cooking grate off the pit, so not to risk dumping those steaks.


Custom Size Heavy Duty Handcrafted Fire Pit Cooking GrateAll of our cooking grates are handcrafted using 3⁄4” expanded steel. They have heavy-duty spring handles for easy placement and stiffener bars so they don’t sag.  They have pins welded on each corner so that the grate sits nicely on top of your pit and cannot be knocked off. These grates are awesome for cooking steaks, chicken, fish, sausage or whatever you can think of and are a fun way to cook while everyone watches.

How to Buy Handcrafted Fire Pit

Click here to buy a custom-size heavy-duty handcrafted fire pit cooking grate.


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