Sarah E Rosenberg

“Several years ago, when I first met Andy, I was managing a 65-unit loft apartment building that housed an amazing community. We were folks who always had impromptu gatherings in the back yard so that we could hang out with each other. Pot lucks were the gathering of choice, but we could only do them every so often as they took a lot of organizing and planning. When i saw the S&S Fire Pit tent at the Inman Park Festival, I knew that a fire pit was just the thing we needed in our community to foster more gatherings and give us a renewed sense of hanging out together. Not just any fire pit, S&S offers the kind of craftsmanship that is not only aesthetically unique but also tremendously durable. Many years and literally hundreds of fire-pit fires later, that S&S pit is still a mainstay of community gathering at that apartment building, even as the individual members of that community have changed over time.”

James Adams

I got my pit several years ago and have never looked back. These pits are the real deal. Throw some wood on, grab a cold one, and instantly your friends and neighbors start to show up. Hands down the best pits on the market. Super safe and easy to use.”

Geoey Cook

“After going through literally 4 chimineas (all of them eventually cracked and crumbled) we decided to give S&S Fire Pits a try. It has been nearly 5 years now and it still looks beautiful.  We have had huge fires using the pit in our yard and our S&S Fire Pit is always a conversation piece. They are completely unique in every way.”

Kristin Daniels Ferguson

Awesome!! Welcome to the coolest Fire Pit you’ll ever own. We are crazy for our S&S Fire Pit. The capacity and warmth of this 37″ Hemisphere is outstanding. Everyone hates cleaning up dropped limbs & brush from the yard after storms but the S & S Fire Pits / www.ssfirepits.com has made it something we actually get to enjoy. We took down 12 medium trees & saved money by burning the logs rather than paying the tree service to haul it off. We have spent an untold number of quiet evenings next to this fire pit making what use to be a chore something we look forward to. The warmth even lets us enjoy it year round so we’re frequently out there in the cold Dec & Jan nights. Next, we’re talking about getting a 42″ to add second seating area for backyard get-togethers.”

Teresa Denny

“Luke and I are absolutely thrilled with our fire pit! We debuted it shortly after Christmas (it was my gift to him) by putting on a full Argentine mixed grill. I grew up there, so it was fitting! Dinner was spectacular- wood fire is the best grilling. Tomorrow, we are trying pizzas (on a stone, of course). ”

Sheila Merritt 

“In 2014, my Mom purchased an S&S Fire Pit for AT, Andria Towne, and I for Christmas. We were SO excited – and we had our “inaugural fire” on Christmas Eve. In the last year- we have enjoyed using our fire pit SO many times! It is beautiful and has really become the focal point of our back yard. In the off-season, we use it as a table….we have even re-arranged our outdoor seating around it! It is versatile, beautiful, practical- and for us, even sentimental! It was a wonderful gift, a great investment and something that we will cherish forever!”

Joe Miller

“These hand sculpted Fire Pits will transform any location you place them. It brings us out of our house on many evenings to lounge by the fire, listen to music and have some cocktails. People talk and share around a fire. When staring at roaring flames, people seem to search their souls! It’s a must for backyard gatherings and well worth every penny!”

Will Jones

” Great company… great product and craftsmanship….. and awesome people! We love our fire pit!”

Brandon MacArthur Vaughn

“5star, These things are beefy and unique. These fellas make the kind of product your kids are going to fight over after you’re gone cause I guarantee these Fire pits will outlast you!”

Angie Benfield

“5star, We got our pit last year and LOVE IT!!! We’ve gone through a cord of wood in less than one year thanks to y’all!”

Dana Dunhill Westbrook

Wonderful product and easy transaction. Have told several people about them!”

Tami Roe Kushner

“We met Andy a few years ago and vowed to one day buy a fire pit from him. Seeing what the big box stores carry, and even reviewing what some of the high end home stores carry, we found nothing close to what S&S manufacture. We went down to their shop in Hapeville, and met with Bill, Andy’s partner. Bill took painstaking question after question from us. We placed our order and have been insanely thrilled with our fire pit. It is functional, artsy, and we also purchased the grill top and are grilling out like maniacs. Andy and Bill are honest, low key guys making a fantastic product that will last for many, many years. Sitting with friends around the fire is so tranquil. A word of caution, if you’re not sure about size, like always, bigger is better. Treat yourself to some backyard zen!!”

Eric Paerels

“Andy, The fire pit arrived today. It is just what we were looking for, I am certain we will get years of good use from it.  By the time we found your website, I had already spoken to the local propane supplier about his junk tanks, with the thought of making a fire pit. You saved me a lot of work, hassle and likely some money too.”

Natalie Whiteman Bacon

“I was first introduced to S&S Fire Pits at the 2014 Village Arts & Crafts Festival in Asheville. I didn’t buy one that day and spent the entire following year regretting my bad decision. When the festival rolled around in 2015 I was the first in line to buy. This weekend I will be purchasing my second S&S Fire Pit. I can’t say enough about the quality and beauty of S&S Fire Pits.”

Matt O’Connor

“This pit saved my life a couple weeks back!  I decided to go camping in 16 degree weather and had my friend not brought his S&S Fire Pit we would have surely ended up with hypothermia! I would recommend this pit to anyone, puts out a lot of heat and conserves wood! Great idea for a pit..I will be buying one soon!”

Brent Rawlings

“We purchased an S&S fire pit and have been completely happy. It’s easy to use. It keeps your friends and neighbors warm without smoking them out. It’s portable. It’s easy to clean and take care of. Don’t waste your money on any other product.”

 Natalie Whiteman Bacon

“I cannot say enough about my S&S fire pit or the company itself!  I have a pit at my primary residence and when my husband and I purchased a lake home last summer, a second S&S pit was our very first purchase.  Amazing quality, amazing craftsmanship, and amazing people too boot!”

Anne Barwick

Customer Service, Other, Quality, Timeliness

“S&S rocks! We got our very cool fire pit in a timely manner and with great customer service. They even shared ideas with me on how to cook on it and took the time to have a conversation about the care of it as well. We also love the story behind the business.”

Rakesh Patel

“Great quality fire pit!! I bought mine over 2 years ago and still very happy with the purchase!!”

Barry N

Joe C

“Best outdoor product you can buy. This is so far above the chinsey crap that you get at the big box stores. This is an industrial grade work of art and easily warms up a patio or deck for a crowd of 20 or more.

Can’t say enough about what a great product these guys make. Get one!”

Tammy Moore

“Thank you so much for the order. You were fast and it was even better than expected. This is just what I needed. Thank you and happy selling!”

Natalie Whiddon

“We love our fire pit we bought a couple years back and can’t wait to throw our oyster roast this weekend with it!”