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Accessories for your Fire Pit: Part 1

Whether you already own a fire pit or are seeking to purchase your first, this article series is for you. It is not difficult to have a good time with just a fire pit and some firewood (or gas) and call it a day, but having the correct fire pit accessories may elevate the experience. In fact, some are just plain necessary. That is why we will be starting this series with key accessories you should acquire in order to make sure you and your loved ones have the safest experience possible when using your fire pit. You would not want a magical evening filled with memories to be marred by a disaster you were unprepared for, so it is important to plan ahead. 

The following fire pit additions are tied to safety and are therefore “must-haves,” as opposed to others types of accessories that simply make things more enjoyable or easier and enhance your evening. It is impossible to have a good time without safety! Read on to learn more about what items you should keep on hand to be fully prepared when using your fire pit in Part 1 of this series on fire pit accessories. 

Red Fire Extinguisher Against Wall

Keep a Water Supply or Fire Extinguisher for Emergencies Nearby 

A convenient source of water is one of the most critical fire pit accessories you should have around your backyard fire pit, in terms of safety. It is not something most people consider until they are in a situation where they need it. A dedicated bucket of water, a turned-on and ready garden hose, or a fire extinguisher can mean the difference between people being hurt and property being damaged or an exciting but harmless story to recount to your friends later. 

Any old metal or plastic bucket will suffice; just make sure it can hold water, is filled, and is placed in a secure location where it is not in danger of being tipped over. Choose a location that is out of the way but readily accessible in a matter of seconds – you may not have much time in an emergency. 

The same goes for a garden hose. If that is your main water source for outside of your home, it should be kept wherever you can get to it quickly, in case of an emergency. Make sure the hose is long enough to reach the area around your fire pit and has a working nozzle that will be effective should you need it for any reason. 

The gold standard for fire safety, of course, is the fire extinguisher. Having one of these around is a good idea for your home in general, but if you have a fire pit, you may want to consider keeping one outside for quick use if necessary. If you decide to get one, check the pressure gauge on a fire extinguisher as soon as you purchase it (or preferably in the store) to make sure it is pressurized. 

If you come home or have your fire extinguisher delivered and discover it is not pressurized, return it right away and replace it with one that is. If you see a home-use fire extinguisher without a gauge, keep looking because the only way to know if it is pressurized is to discharge it, which is obviously not an option until you need it, and by then it will be too late. 

These fire pit accessories are a definite safety must-have, whether you use a bucket, a hose, or a fire extinguisher. Please consider using one of them during your next bonfire. 

Have a Stocked First Aid Kit Handy 

There will be times around the fire pit and in the backyard in general, especially when children are around, when someone requires care for a minor burn, bug bites, a splinter from firewood, a skinned knee, etc. Having a good first aid kit on hand is something that many people overlook until they wish they had it. Ideally, if you can find a kit that is OSHAANSI, and FDA compliant, which means it is compliant with current federal occupational safety and health standards, as well as standards set by international standards organizations, you know you are well-stocked for most minor injuries you may see in the home. 

You might want to opt for a kit that is packed in a hard, compartmented case that keeps everything in place, rather than one in which everything is usually jumbled in a zip-up canvas or nylon case. That way, you will be able to find what need easily when you need it. The zip cases also often come with the items in throwaway plastic pouches that can’t seal once opened. 

You also probably will want to find a kit that includes things like cold compresses and burn cream, as these can come in handy around a fire pit. Hopefully, you will not ever need to use them, but if you do, it is better to have them than not.  

Shield your Fire Pit with a Spark Screen 

Stray sparks from a wood-burning fire pit are unpleasant for everyone in the vicinity, and they can be dangerous if they come into contact with something flammable. When firewood is heated, pockets of moisture and gas can cause popping and sparking. A spark screen placed over your fire pit will keep the sparks from landing on your lap or patio. 

If the manufacturer of your fire pit makes a spark screen or suggests a specific solution for your model, you may consider going that route. We also carry a range of fantastic options and sizes between 30 and 42 inches in diameter in our shop, such as the 30″ Dome Lift Off Fire Pit Screen in Carbon Steel or its counterpart, the Dome Pivot Fire Pit Screen, which allows you to open the screen on one side via a hinge, rather than having to remove the entire cover each time you want to add wood to the fire. Consult us or your local hardware or outdoor supply store if you need help with determining fit. 

Ensure your Fire is Out with a Fire Pit Snuffer 

A fire pit snuffer is one of the simplest and safest ways to put out a fire in a wood-burning fire pit. For those new to owning a fire pit, a snuffer is a round or square metal plate, typically with handles, that is placed over the opening of your fire pit to cut off the supply of oxygen to the fire, therefore extinguishing it. This is a much better and safer choice than putting out the fire with water or sand, or letting it burn out naturally. 

Even after the fire is out, the metal surfaces and embers within will still be quite hot, so proceed with caution after using a snuffer. Again, you may choose to go with a snuffer made or recommended by your manufacturer, or you can choose from our handcrafted snuffer lids. They are beautifully built from solid steel and can put out a fire in five minutes or less. Add a coat of high-temperature paint and your snuffer lid can double as small outdoor table! 


Keep an eye out for Part 2 in this series for more accessory ideas, where we will start to get into the fun options!