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Beginner’s Tips for Using a Fire Pit

Group with kidsA fire pit is the perfect accessory for a residential outdoor living space. It offers both functional and aesthetic benefits, allowing homeowners to enjoy the outdoors. But if this is your first time owning a fire pit, there are a few things you should know. Check out the following beginner’s tips to get the most use of out your fire pit.

Cover it

When your fire pit isn’t being used,  cover it with a steel snuffer lid and keep the ashes cleared.  This will allow rainwater to drain if your fire pit has a proper drain hole.  Furthermore, rainwater can turn your fire pit ashes into a sludge-like mess that’s difficult to clean. Problems such as these are easily avoided, however, by covering your fire pit when it’s not being used.

The 10-Foot Rule

A good rule of thumb is to place your fire pit at least 10 feet away from anything flammable, including your home, shed, overhanging branches, bushes, etc. This reduces the risk of a stray ember floating away and sparking a fire. Even so, you should never leave a fire pit (or any fire for that matter) burning while unattended.

Encourage Airflow

When arranging your firewood in a fire pit, don’t pile it in a single clump. Rather, arrange the firewood so there’s space in between the wood. This allows air to flow more easily through the fire wood, which in turn encourages a hotter, brighter-burning fire.

Burn Only Natural Firewood

Don’t try to burn yard debris, old furniture, or pressure-treated lumber. Instead, you should only burn natural firewood in your fire pit. Other forms of wood that seem okay may contain toxic chemicals that when burned, are released into the air.

Clean the Grill Grate

If you use your fire pit to cook, which you probably will, you should get into the habit of cleaning and oiling the grate on a regular basis. When food particles harden on the grate, some of this debris can transfer to your food. Furthermore, this harden food provides an ideal environment for rust and corrosion. To prevent this from happening, use a wire brush to clean your fire pit’s grill grate, preferably after each use. Some people prefer to clean the grate after cooking on their fire pit, as the grate is still warm; thus, it’s easier to clean.

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