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Campfire Safety Tips to Prevent Injury

sea-1804591_960_720Did you know that campfires are one of the most common reasons for forest fires, as well as injury to campers? Whether you’re camping in the mountains, on the coast, in the forest or elsewhere, you’ll probably want to build a fire. Campfires offer more than just warmth and cooking fuel: they boost morale while promoting greater social interaction in the process. But if you plan on building a campfire, you should follow these tips to reduce the risk of injury.

Circle the Fire Pit with Rocks

If there are no existing fire rings available at your preferred campsite, create your own with a circle of small-to-mid-sized rocks. This helps to contain the fire, preventing it from escaping and igniting nearby trees and plants.

Don’t Wear Nylon

What’s wrong with wearing nylon clothes, accessories or gear when building a campfire? Well, this synthetic fabric is highly flammable, and exposure to a stray ember could set it ablaze. There have been countless cases of campers sustaining serious burns simply by wearing nylon near a fire. Only wear fitted, non-flammable clothing around a campfire.

Beware of Wind Direction

You should also consider wind direction when building campfires. Strong winds can send flaming-hot embers flying across the landscape, igniting nearby materials. A good rule of thumb is to build your campfire against a non-flammable wind block, such as a ridge. If the winds get too bad, you can rest assured knowing that your campfire is safely contained and won’t spark a wildfire.

Don’t Touch Hot Embers

I know this probably sounds like common sense, but it’s still worth mentioning that you should never touch hot embers. Even if the embers “look” cool, they could still be holding more than enough heat to leave serious burns. Before leaving your campsite, pour a small amount of water over the embers to safely extinguish them.

Avoid Cedar and Pine

Don’t burn cedar, pine or other non-soft wood in your campfire. These woods are more likely to pop, which could send a hot ember shooting towards you or other campers. Choose dry hardwood to burn in your campfire. And when adding it to your campfire, gently place it on top. Throwing firewood into a burning campfire could result in injury, as embers may shoot up into the air.

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