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Fire Pit Safety Tips to Prevent Injury and Property Damage

Fire Pit Party01A portable fire pit is a smart investment that offers countless years of enjoyment. It turns your patio or outdoor living area into a fun-filled social environment. But if you’re thinking of buying a fire pit, you should follow these safety tips to prevent injury and property damage.

Don’t Use Lighter Fluid or Gasoline

Sure, it’s probably easier to light (or relight) a fire pit using flammable liquid, but doing so could result in serious injury. Stick with good ol’ fashioned firewood when lighting your fire pit. If you’re having trouble lighting it, place some tinder and kindling underneath the larger pieces.

Don’t Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing

You should also avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing while using a fire pit. A baggy shirt or jacket sleeve, for instance, could hang over the fire, just enough to ignite and catch fire.

Burn Only Firewood

I know this probably sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised to learn what some people burn in their fire pits — from grass clippings and invasive weeds to trash and pieces of old furniture. While burning stuff such as this may seem harmless enough, it increases the risk of injury and property damage due to the lightweight embers. Furthermore, some items like pressure-treated wood could emit toxic chemicals when burned. The bottom line is that you should only burn natural, untreated firewood in your fire pit.

Place Fire Pit on Flat, Even Surface

When choosing a location for your fire pit, make sure the ground is flat and even. If it’s sloped, the fire pit will top more easily, spilling the ignited embers and potentially causing a property fire.

Don’t Leave Fire Pit Unattended

Whether you’re grilling burgers with friends, roasting marshmallows, or just gathering around the patio, you should never a leave a fire pit burning unattended. Of course, this rule isn’t limited strictly to fire pits; it applies to all fires.

Don’t Dump Hot Ash

Even after all of the firewood has been reduced to ash, it may still be hot enough to ignite a fire. This is why it’s a good idea to wait until your fire pit has completely cooled off before dumping the ash. And don’t just toss the ash in your trash can. Dump them in a metal ash bucket.

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