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  • 41” Hemisphere Fire Pit on Flanged Base

    This handcrafted 41” hemisphere Fire Pit sits approximately 23”off the ground. This fire pit is all hand-welded; it has a flanged tank head for a base, the hidden handles are made using re-purposed truck springs, it has a 1⁄2” drain hole to keep water out, comes with a handcrafted 46” Fire Poker, and this fire pit is designed to easily service 2-30 people at any gathering.
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Showing 25–25 of 25 results

Buy one of our pits, grab a nice stack of firewood, sit back and relax while enjoying the crackling sound and nostalgic smell of a real wood fire.

We offer a variety of sizes and creative styles of fire pits like no other and no matter which one you pick you’re sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

How Our Fire Pit Measures Up

Our handmade fire pits are constructed in Historic Hapeville, Georgia (5 minutes from the Atlanta airport) and luckily right next door to a craft beer brewing company.An S&S Fire Pit On The Beach At Night With A Big Fire

Our fire pits are durable and guaranteed for life. They are made using thick gauge American Made Steel as well as American Hands. They are tough and will stand the test of time. The fire pit you’re about to purchase will truly be “The Last Fire Pit You Will Ever Buy!™”

Our products are nothing like the flimsy, thin gauge rust-ridden junk bought from “big box” stores (you know who we’re talking about).

The fire pits we design and build by hand not only look great and become conversation pieces but are durable enough to pass onto your kids. (You might need to update that will)

See how we make them below:

Accessories For Your Fire Pit

What fire pit would be complete without accessories? Yes, here at S&S we also handcraft a full line of accessories for your fire pit and outdoor living experience.

We’ve got cooking grates, snuffer lids, marshmallow forks, firewood racks, ash shovels, hooks, bottle openers and an overall variety of just really cool stuff. It is all handmade by real people, right here in the heart of the south.

Snuffer Lids

S&S Fire Pits handcrafts round fire pit snuffer lids to ensure you don’t burn the house down once everyone passes out and goes off to bed. The snuffers cover the entire pit suffocating the fire completely (yes you can re-light unburned wood) and acting as a tabletop once cooled down. We offer snuffers to fit each size of fire pits we sell.

Cooking Burgers On Fire Pits For An S&S EventCooking Grates

The cooking grates we offer are also constructed of heavy gauge steel, have handles on either side for easy placement and locking pins, so you won’t knock them off. Before arriving at your home, each grate is pre-seasoned and arrives ready for use. The grates are perfect for cooking steak, chicken, fish, ribs, burgers, sausage, Oysters or whatever else you plan on serving up to family and friends.

Firewood Racks

We construct rugged, handmade firewood racks to keep your wood off the ground so it does not rot and it’s be a perfect match for your fire pit. Options include small or large with a variety of bases at the bottom.


We offer an interesting variety of tools. Fire pokersmarshmallow forksash shovels, and log tongs. These products are handcrafted, useful, and durable enough to withstand the outdoors.

The S&S Fire Pits Story

Here at S&S, we pride ourselves on creating solid steel products that will last you and your family a lifetime.

Our fire pits are guaranteed for life and only get better-looking with age, unlike you or me.

Take the time to look through our products and order one today, but don’t forget to consult your better half as well so you pick out the exact pit you both want.

No one likes being in the doghouse, even if it is near your brand-new fire pit.

We accept all major credits cards or checks and we also offer six months interest-free financing from PayPal. You can order online now and select shipping or local pickup.