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Transform Your Back Yard into a Social Oasis

8321967207_204791b09d_zBack yards offer the perfect location to host parties and social get-togethers. Before calling your buddies and asking them to come over, though, you’ll want to set up your back yard using the tips listed below.


Being that most outdoor parties happen at night, you’ll need some source of lighting to illuminate your back yard. String lights, as shown in the photo to the left, is a fun alternative to traditional fixtures. And unlike traditional fixtures, you can install them in just minutes. Another idea is to set up tiki torches around your outdoor living spaces, which can double as insect-repellents when burning citronella fuel.

Stone Accents

If you’re willing to invest the necessary time and energy into this project, try using some stone accents in your back yard oasis. A limestone sidewalk, for instance, is a brilliant addition that’s sure to enhance your back yard. Guests will also appreciate this feature, as it allows them to traverse to and from your house without walking directly on the grass.

Go Green

Green plants and shrubs will help to create a more calming and relaxing outdoor environment. This is particularly true in southern states like Georgia and Florida where the sun stays hot throughout much of the year. And you can even grow plants in strategic areas to provide a natural source of shade.

Use Fire as a Focal Point

Ever social gathering area needs a focal point, and your back yard is no exception. While there are several different options from which to choose, fires offer the perfect focal point for social environments. According to this article published by Independent, humans have been using fires as a social focus for more than 300,000 years. Even today, fires are the perfect focal point for social environments, including outdoor living spaces. So if you’re looking to transform your back yard into a social oasis, set up a fire pit in the center.

Of course, you’ll also want to set up seating around your fire pit. Don’t just place a couple foldout chairs in front of the fire pit. Rather, you should create a circular shape of chairs, or other seating, surrounding the fire pit. This encourages people to converse amongst themselves while keeping the center of attention on the fire.

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