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What You’ll Need to Create a Campfire

axe-984008_960_720No camping experience is complete without a campfire. Ever since the early days of mankind, humans have created campfires to cook food, illuminate their surroundings, stay warm in cold weather, and for the relaxing social ambiance it creates. But if you plan on creating a campfire in the wild, you’ll need a few basic items to get started.

Lighter or Matches

Unless you plan on rubbing two sticks together, or using an alternative primitive firestarting method, you’ll want to bring either a lighter or matches when camping. Some people prefer lighters, while others prefer matches. Regardless, you’ll need one of these to start your campfire.


Of course, also need firewood (and lots of it) to build a campfire in the wild. More specifically, you’ll need three types of wood: tinder, kindling and large pieces of firewood.

Tinder is the smallest type of natural fuel used in campfires. It can consist of bark, fatwood, pine needles and even grass. Kindling is larger than tinder though smaller than standard-sized firewood. Examples of kindling include sticks and small branches about the size of your index finger.


Not every wooded location is suited for a campfire. When camping, check the park’s rules to determine where you can build campfires. Some parks have strict rules requiring campers to build campfires in specified areas. And in the dry season, all campfires may be prohibited to reduce the risk of a wild fire.

Other Items to Consider

  • Grill grate. Assuming you want to cook over your campfire, you may also want to bring a grill grate. While you can always pierce food with a stick or skewer, a grill grate is easier and more versatile.
  • Pitcher. What do you need a pitcher for? Well, before leaving your campsite, it’s recommended that you pour water over the campfire ashes to ensure they are fully extinguished. Ashes can remain hot enough to ignite grass and other dry material for up to 24 hours, which is why it’s a good idea to pour water over your campfire before leaving.
  • Shovel. Using s shall shovel, you can create a more well-defined fire ring to help contain your campfire. You can also use a shovel to bury your ashes before leaving the campsite.

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