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Backyard Games to Keep Guests Entertained

2769095066_96e30ec3a4_zIf you plan on inviting guests over for a party or outdoor gathering, you’ll want to keep them entertained — and there’s no better form of entertainment that games. For some ideas on easy-to-set-up backyard games, keep reading.


Badminton is an all-around great outdoor game that requires nothing more than a new, a couple racquets, and a shuttlecock. While it can be played in large teams, most backyard games are played with two to four players. Badminton has origins dating back hundreds of years to British India. Even today, it has become an official sport for the Summer Olympics, featuring a total of five events. You can bring this game to your backyard by setting up a badminton net.

Ping Pong

Who says ping pong is an indoor sport? Granted, most people play it indoors, but you can still enjoy ping pong from the comfort of your backyard. As long you have a flat, paved area, you can set up a ping pong table to keep guests entertained. And if you’re worried about the price, check on Craigslist for a used table. With a little bit of luck, you can probably find a ping pong table for a fraction of its original cost.

Ring Toss

Arguably, one of the most simple outdoor games is ring toss. Players compete against each other to toss rings around a fixed peg. Pegs can be placed at any distance, making this is a versatile game that requires minimal space.


Assuming you have the space, another fun backyard game is horseshoes. Played with two to four people, either 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2, it involves tossing horseshoes at a fixed stake in the ground from roughly 40 feet. Players can score in one of two ways: by “ringing” the stake with the horseshoe to encircle it, or by tossing the horseshoe closest to the stake. A straightedge is used to settle disputes by touching two points at the end of the horseshoe.

Lawn Darts

Also known as “javelin darts,” lawn darts is a fun outdoor game that requires no prior experience or skill. A typical lawn dart set consists of four supersized darts, each of which is about 12 inches long and feature a weighted tip. Players toss the darts using an underhand throw in an attempt to land on a ground target.

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