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Benefits of Using Permeable Pavers in Outdoor Design

2707929733_cec0ffce61_zMore and more homeowners are designing their outdoor living spaces with permeable pavers. As the name suggests, these pavers are characterized by a “permeable” base and subbase through which water flows. Permeable pavers are common used in parking lots, emergency access lanes, and residential sideways and driveways. So if you’re looking to renovate your home’s exterior, perhaps you should consider permeable pavers. Just take a look at some of the many benefits it offers.

Reduces Rainwater Runoff

If you notice pools of stagnant water around your home or landscape after it rains, perhaps you should invest in permeable pavers. Stagnant water such as this can cause serious damage to both your landscape and home. It erodes the soil and ground, while also soaking into the ground and making its way into the basement or crawlspace. Once the moisture reaches the inside of your home, it promotes the growth of mold and mildew — something that no homeowner wants to discover in his or her home. But permeable pavers protect against this phenomenon by managing runoff from paved surfaces.

Filters Pollutants

Although it looks clean, runoff water often contains a slew of pollutants and harmful chemicals. Thankfully, though, permeable pavers can help by filtering these pollutants before the water soaks into the ground. The permeable surface allows moisture to seep through while filtering harsh chemicals and pollutants in the process. Of course, this is one of the reasons why permeable pavers are considered Eco-friendly.


Let’s face it, permeable pavers look great when used in outdoor home design. As shown in the photo above, they typically consist of a patterned brick or stone design, separated by spacers through which water flows.

Natural Irrigation

There’s also the benefit of natural irrigation offered by permeable pavers. While they effectively filter pollutants and suspend solids, water may still pass through the base and enter the underlying soil, hydrating the ground while promoting healthier plant and tree growth. The natural irrigation offered by permeable pavers further reduces the need for sprinklers and other landscape watering systems. So while it may require an initial upfront monetary investment, permeable pavers will pay off in the form of a lower monthly water bill.

These are just a few of the many benefits associated with permeable pavers.

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