Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Your Patio

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outside-254716_960_720No patio is complete without comfortable and aesthetically pleasing furniture. The right furniture will enhance your patio, allowing you and your family to enjoy this extension of your home just a little more.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker is always an excellent choice of outdoor furniture for the patio. Made from all-natural twigs (e.g. rattan, reed or bamboo) that are woven together, it offers a truly one-of-a-kind look that’s not found elsewhere. When used with a cushioned padding, wicker furniture is ultra comfortable.

Another benefit of wicker furniture is its weight. Being that it’s made of twigs instead of heavy metal, it weighs significantly less than other types of outdoor furniture. As such, you can easily move it from one end of your patio or landscape to the other, without requiring a second set of hands.

Plastic Furniture

Another option for patio furniture is plastic. It’s typically the cheapest, making it a great choice for budget-conscious homeowners. You can buy a full set of plastic patio furniture for well under $100 bucks.

Plastic furniture is completely waterproof, meaning you don’t have to worry about it developing rust or mold. You can leave it uncovered for months outdoors without damage.

Hardwood Furniture

Of course, hardwood is a third type of outdoor furniture that’s suitable for the patio. Certain types of finishes and coating can protect hardwood furniture from moisture damage, but it’s generally still not “waterproof.” So if you’re going to invest in hardwood furniture, it’s generally best to keep it covered.

Here are some things to consider when choosing outdoor furniture for your patio:

  • How many chairs/seating do I need? If you plan on hosting parties, you should buy enough patio furniture to accommodate all of your guests.
  • What color scheme do I want? Unless you’re going for an eclectic look, you should stick with a general color scheme on your patio.
  • How will the furniture affect the appearance of my home? Your choice of outdoor furniture can and will affect the appearance of your home. Choose furniture that compliments and flows cohesively with your home’s exterior.
  • Is the furniture resistant to water? Again, you generally want outdoor furniture to have at least some water-resistant properties.
  • What’s my budget? As with most home improvement projects, you should set a budget for your outdoor patio furniture.

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