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Fire Pits: 5 Safety Tips to Prevent Burns

flame-1363003_960_72011With internal temperatures reaching up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, fire pits create more than enough heat to burn the skin. The good news is that burns are rare, especially safety precautions are taken. So, what steps can you take to prevent burns when using a fire a pit?

Don’t Touch the Outside of the Fire Pit

Never touch the outside of a fire pit while a fire is burning is inside. Most fire pits are made of steel, and while steel lacks the heat conductive properties of aluminum, brass and copper, it still transfers some heat. If you accidentally touch the outside of your fire pit while it’s being used, you could end up with a burn. The bottom line is that you should touch your fire pit until the inside has thoroughly cooled and is no longer hot.

Wear Heat-Resistant Gloves When Cooking

Another safety tip I’ve learned over the years is to wear heat-resistant gloves when cooking. This isn’t limited strictly to fire pits; this tip applies to all forms of outdoor cooking, including grills, open-flame campfires and more. When cooking outdoors, wearing a pair of heat-resistant gloves will allow you to move food on/off the grill without getting burned in the process.

Only Burn Wood

Avoid the temptation to burn leaves, trash, yard debris and other non-wood items. Fire pits are designed specifically for burning wood, and tossing other items into it could send fiery debris into the sky; thus, increasing the risk of burns. As long as you only burn wood in your fire pit, you’ll promote a safe environment while lowering the risk of injury.

Keep Your Distance

Standing only a few inches away from an active fire pit is a good way to get burned. Just turning your body the wrong way could result in a nasty burn, which is why it’s a good idea to get your distance.

Wait 24 Hours for Ash to Cool

Just because the fire has burned down to ash doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s cool. On the contrary, ash can remain hot enough to cause burns — or to spark another fire — for up to 24 hours. Therefore, you should wait until at least 24 hours after your fire has been extinguished before attempting to move the ash.

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