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Keeping the Smoke Away: Minimizing Fire Pit Smoke

coffee-1031139_960_720A fire pit is the perfect outdoor accessory for individuals and families alike. When the sun goes down, you can enjoy the relaxing ambiance of a fire. But it’s difficult to fully enjoy a fire pit and everything it has to offer when there’s smoke billowing out the top. So, how can you minimize the smoke produced by your fire pit?

Burn Dry Wood

Make sure any wood you intend to burn in your fire pit is dry. Smoke occurs as a result of incomplete combustion, meaning there’s some other element present that’s restricting the fire. One such element is moisture. Attempting to burn wood that’s been saturated with rain/moisture typically leads to more smoke. This is why you should burn dry wood that’s been properly stored in a covered area.

Don’t Burn Green Pine

Certain varieties of wood, such as green pine, have a tendency to produce more smoke; therefore, it’s best to avoid burning them in your fire pit. Unlike many other hardwood varieties, green pine also produces a soot-like substance known as creosote that can clog chimneys and cause dangerous fires/explosions.

Allow Your Fire to ‘Breathe’

The more oxygen your fire has, the less smoke it produces. Oxygen encourages a faster and more efficient combustion process. And when there’s greater combustion, less smoke is produced in the process. So if you’re looking to minimize the smoke produced by your fire pit, try leaving the lid off while it’s burning. The increased oxygen facilitates combustion, which in turn minimizes its smoke.

Clean Out Debris from Your Fire Pit

Another simple way to minimize smoke from your fire pit is to keep it clean. Before lighting a new fire, remove any ashes or leftover debris from your previous fire. Burning leftover debris often creates more smoke because it has soaked up moisture. Spending just a few minutes cleaning out your fire pit, however, can minimize the amount of smoke it produces. You don’t have to necessarily scrub down the interior of your fire pit, but you should shovel out any leftover debris.

Following the tips listed here should reduce the amount of smoke produced by your fire pit. Keep in mind that all fires will produce at least some smoke. When it billows out of your fire pit like a chimney, however, there’s usually some underlying problem, such as wet firewood or the wrong type of firewood.

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