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Lighting Your Fire Pit with a Match

match-1519644_960_720After gathering enough tinder, kindling and firewood for your fire pit, you’ll need to ignite it. One option is to use a grill lighter, but another option is to use a match. Igniting a fire with a match may seem simple enough, but many people make some critical mistakes. So, what’s the right way to light a fire pit with a match?

Light Under the Tinder

Going back to the basics of fire-building 101, heat rises; therefore, you should place your match under the tinder, not over it. As the heat from the match rises, it will catch the tinder on fire, spreading to the nearby kindling and eventually firewood. Simply holding a match over the tinder isn’t going to work, as the small flame lacks the necessary heat to catch the bigger pieces on fire. Always light your fire under the tinder.

Keep Your Matches Dry

It’s a good idea to store your matches indoors where they protected from rain and humidity. Allowing your matches to get wet may prevent them from igniting, unless of course they are waterproof. But even then, a completely saturated waterproof match may fail to ignite when stuck against the box.

Hold the Match, Don’t Toss it

Unless you have a 100-count box of matches on hand — and don’t mind losing them – light your fire by holding the match. Some people instinctively toss their match into the fire pit after striking it, only to discover that it failed to ignite the firewood. In some instances, tossing a match may work. Normally, however, it’s an ineffective way to light a fire pit. A better approach is to strike a single match, and then hold that match in place until the tinder catches fire.

Lighting the Match

Tired of breaking countless matches when you attempt to light them? Make sure you hold the match close to the head, pressing against it with your middle finger for additional support. You should also strike the match by running it towards your body rather than away from your body. Following these steps will reduce the risk of broken matches.

Light Upwind

A final tip to remember when lighting your fire pit with a match is to light upwind. Doing so allows the fire to blow into the tinder and kindling, making it catch more easily.

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