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Why Fire Pits are Better than Chimineas

2521131247_5629e62e04_zOutdoor fires have become a common trend among homeowners. While some homeowners build fires for the sole purpose of burning leaves and yard debris, others build them for style, warmth, and the relaxing ambiance they provide. There are several different options when creating outdoor fires, with two of the most popular being fire pits and chimineas. However, it’s usually best to choose a fire pit instead of the latter, and here’s why.


A well-made fire pit can offer countless years of use, without degrading. The same can’t be said for chimineas, which often break after just a few years. The problem with chimineas is their material of construction. Traditionally, chimineas are made of clay, making them susceptible to cracking and breaking. Being that fire pits are made of stronger materials, such as steel, they last significantly longer than their counterpart.

Warmth Radiance

As you can see in the photo, chimineas radiate heat in a single direction. In comparison, fire pits radiate heat in a full 360 degrees. Whether you’re sitting in front, behind or to the side of a fire pit, you’ll feel the same level of warmth as everyone else. So if you’re building a fire to keep you and your guests warm this winter, you should stick with a fire pit.


Chimineas are tall, much taller than fire pits. This can limit its use in certain areas such as covered patios and porches. And even if the chiminea “fits,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe to use here. You have to consider the heat being released from the top of the chiminea and how close it to the covered structure. If you’re looking to build a fire under a covered area, choose a fire pit to reduce the risk of property damage.


Another reason why fire pits are better than chimineas is because they are portable. Granted, there are some stationary fire pits available, but S&S Fire Pits are completely portable. You can pack them to take camping, tailgating, or even to a friend’s house. Just remember to completely extinguish the flames and wait for the fire pit to cool off before loading it. You cannot do the same with chiminea — not easily at least. These are just a few reasons why fire pits are better than chimineas.

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