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Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

grass-534873_960_720With roots dating back to the 1960s, artificial grass (also known as artificial turf) has been a viable alternative to traditional grass. It’s made of synthetic fibers that mimic the look and feel of natural grass. Back then, however, it was used primarily in athletic fields. It wasn’t until the 1990s when artificial grass become a popular choice in residential lawns. But if you’re thinking of installing it in your lawn, you should weight all of the pros and cons.

Pro: Pesticide-Free

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass isn’t susceptible to pests. The synthetic fibers are naturally pest-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about applying and reapplying pesticide to your lawn.

Con: High Installation Cost

While the exact cost of installation varies, homeowners can expect to pay more for artificial grass than natural grass. With natural grass, you can simply spread a combination of seed and fertilizer, allowing Mother Nature to do the rest. Artificial grass costs a bit more to install, as homeowners must pay for the turf itself, as well as labor.

Pro: Resistant to Erosion

Artificial grass is also resistant to erosion, more so than natural grass. Heavy storms and subsequent rain runoff can wash away natural grass, eroding the soil and changing the landscape. This typically doesn’t happen with artificial grass, however. The synthetic material is strong, durable and resistant to erosion caused by runoff.

Con: It’s Hot

If you play on your lawn with your children, you should think twice before investing in artificial grass. According to a study conducted by Brigham Young University, the surface temperature on artificial grass is roughly 37 degrees higher than the temperature of the surrounding air. This is because the synthetic materials from which artificial grass is made holds heat; thus, it’s warmer than natural grass.

Pro: Saves Water

Conventional wisdom should tell you that artificial lawns saves water. Unlike their natural counterpart, artificial grass does not need regular watering. When a heat wave blankets your area next summer, you can rest assured knowing that your lawn is safe, with or without water.

Pro: Doesn’t Require Mowing

This alone is reason enough for many homeowners to choose artificial grass for their lawns. Synthetic grass doesn’t grow, and as such, you don’t have to mow it. Once installed, it stays the same height throughout the year.

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